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Seymour Topping at Columbia University V6 (Q&A)

Video 6 of 7 Questions & Answers following speech. 12/9/2011
Seymour Topping, Emeritus Professor of International Journalism, Columbia University, lectures on “China Faces the United States; From Mao in Yenan , to Korea , Vietnam, and Challenges today.” Professor Topping discusses how the root experiences of the Chinese leadership which he observed in Yenan and thereafter influence Beijing’s current behavior, policies and intentions.
Topping is the former managing editor of The New York Times, and author of “On the Front Lines of the Cold War, An American Correspondent’s Journal from the Chinese Civil War to the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam”. The paperback is available in June 2012. He is also the author of "Journey Between Two Chinas, and two novels, "The Peking Letter" and "Fatal Crossroads" Professor Topping is donating his papers to Columbia University’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library.



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